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Students of Nanjing Tech University Visited MayAir China Plant
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During the morning of Jan. 12, 2016, over 100 undergraduates of Nanjing Tech University visited MayAir China's plant in Nanjing, under the guidance of the school teachers.


Both the teachers and the students visited MayAir’s product display hall, integrated laboratory, and production lines. The department managers of product development dept. and production dept. guided the course, by providing a vivid interpretation of the products, production equipments and testing technology.


During the course, the students not only grabbed a brief understanding of the process structure, working principles, testing & maintenance methods, but also learned the history of MayAir China and the major projects that MayAir China participated in.


Most students showed full interest during the visit, and raised questions from time to time. MayAir’s technical staff answered the questions in turn. Some of the postgraduates made further communication and achieved the cooperation intention in some specific fields, such as the performance optimization of electrostatic filter, etc.   


MayAir China sincerely expects the through the visit, the students may accumulate effective understanding and experience of the production, process and technology for their future career path. MayAir China feels very pleased to offer such opportunities in the future.


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