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The importance of air purification in current industrial environment is undeniable, especially in semiconductor electronics industries, automotive industries, pharmaceutical industries, food industries residential or commercial buildings, airports, subways and museums etc. In fact, air purification industries has been quietly developing for a long period but not much attention were paid to. It had been widely used in fields like electronics, pharmaceutical, food, photovoltaic solar energy, chemical, commercial buildings, automobile painting, machine manufacturing and the list goes on. Similar to air and water, it would be of no doubt to say that air purification has become an essence of life.

Recently, PM2.5 has become a main issue in China. For the sake of quality of life, more and more people are concerned about the ways to improve indoor air quality. As such, air purification industry has gradually gained attention. With over 20 years of air purifying experience, MayAir strives to provide a total solution for indoor air quality.

  • 2001


      2001 June      The establishment of MayAir Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. 

  • 2003


      2003 April      Cooperation with EBM, an international electrical appliances manufacturer


      2003 June      Received the patent for compact joint angle frame

  • 2004


      2004 Sep      The establishment of MayAir Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


      2004 Oct       Received ISO9001 approval

  • 2005


      2005 Aug       A sales network of 10 sales offices formed in China

  • 2006


      2006 July       MayAir FFU products received CE approval. MayAir CFCN brand was established

  • 2007


      2007 June      Received the patent for inferior-mounted typed fan filter unit


      2007 Aug       MayAir International Company is established.

  • 2008


      2008 Aug       The establishment of MayAir Nanjing Air Filter Co., Ltd.

  • 2009


      2009 April      Received ISO14001 approval

  • 2010


      2010 Feb       Received UL approval for FFU products

  • 2013


      2013 June      Received the patent for “electric-pocket filter”.


      2013 Sep      The company is officially renamed as MayAir Technology (China) Co., Ltd.


      2013 Dec        The industrial air purification standard is brought into commercial and residential field

  • 2014


      2014 Jan      A sales network of 17 sales offices formed in China


      2014 Mar     Received AHAM, Energy Star approval for D-series air purification units

  • 2015


      2015 May     MayAir Group successfully listed in London Stock Exchange Market


      2015 July      MayAir launched its PTFE HEPA production line in Nanjing plant

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