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Biomedicine and Food Industry

Biomedicine Industry  

CFDA has a vision to establish a scientific and strict bacteria-free environment for biomedicine production, handling and management in domestic GMP to provide the safest medicine for the public. MayAir has the ability to provide a total clean air solutions for the biomedicine production industry. From production to installation, we strive to fulfill the requirement of each clients.

Food Industry

Lately, food hygiene has become a critical issue in our country. It is a must to provide a contaminants-free environment for food processing or food production. The implementation of HEPA filter could effectively control the amount of bacteria and tiny particles, which in turns guarantee a level of ISO 8 or ISO 9 for the food production area. In fact, ISO 5 or ISO 6 is the minimum requirement for food filling line. Without any preservative addition, a good food production environment can guarantee the color, taste and other sensory quality of food. 

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