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PM2.5 and Indoor Air Purifying

Commercial Building

PM2.5 and indoor air purifying proposals focus on the control of  tiny particles, microorganisms and gaseous pollutants in commercial and residential buildings. We strive to provide the best services, which include site inspection, stimulated data, customized proposal, model, professional construction, after services and so on. We emphasize on turnkey project, providing our clients the best products for the best indoor air quality. Adhere to energy saving and environmental protection, MayAir creates new patented air filtration products which can physically adsorb and electro statically filter contaminants at the same time.  

Residential Building

MayAir’s residential air purifiers focus on the removal of VOC, formaldehyde, suspended particles, dust particles, dust mites and bacteria in the newly renovated residence. Our products, ranging from D-breath, D-Genius to Mayair 301 can assure you the best indoor air quality you will ever have.

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