Pharma Purification Equipment
Laminar Flow Hood

1、Laminar flow hood is a purification unit providing vertical laminar air flow with high cleanliness.。
2、Installation method:Ceiling hanging or ceiling mounted
3、Applications:Bio, pharmaceutical industry (filling or injecting production)
4、Hood type:A、Side laminar flow hood;B、top laminar flow hood; C、laminar flow hood without fan

Cleanliness:ISO 5 (FS209E100)
Air flow:0.45m/s,can be altered
Input voltage:1φ 220V 50/60Hz

1、High quality outer rotor centrifugal fan, stable operation, power saving, no maintenance is needed.
2、High quality cold rolled steel coating.
3、Reliable sealing design.
4、Specially designed inner air guide for more uniform air flow.
5、compact volume, space-saving.
6、Comes with different structural design (side or top laminar inlet air flow and other non-standard air inlet design) for different installation and different usage.

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