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MayAir Commercial Air Purifier D-Breath 5 Plus


PM2.5 removal efficiency:99.9%  Formaldehyde removal efficiency:99%

Control method:Touch screen control and Infrared Remote Control

Color:White, gold

MayAir’s germicidal air purifier, D-Breath 5 Plus is equipped with industrial level HEPA filter and USA ionic silver germicidal technology which can remove 99.9% of tiny particles smaller than 0.3μm and 99.98% of bacteria. With an effective area of over 120㎡, it is suitable for office buildings, hotels, international schools and conference halls etc. Our D-Breath 5 product has been approved by AHAM, Energy Star, EMC, CE, National Air Conditioner, Guangzhou Microorganisms Detecting Center.

D-Breath 5 Plus is equipped with five adjustable air velocity modes, online monitoring system for PM2.5 and TVOC, filter replacement reminder and timer function. Operated using sensitive touch screen panel and infrared remote control, the operation of the device is simple yet elegant.

D-Breath 5 Plus can eliminate 99.90% or tiny particles, bacteria or hairs from the environment. It is well equipped with low-noise and low power consumption(206W) German EBM fan.


Product model:                                                                        D-Breath 5

Casing material :                                                                    Steel

Dimensions (HxWxD)mm:                                                    1010x1585x170

Color:                                                                                         White/ gold

Speed:                                                                                       Super-high              High              Medium             Low              Sleeping

Power consumption (W) :                                                       206                          123.5             41                      18                 15   

Power input:                                                                              1PH/220V50Hz

Control method:                                                                        Touch screen panel and infrared remote controller

Air handling volume(m3/h):                                                    1500                        1210             670                     335                200

Noise dB(A):                                                                              61                              56                 47                       39                  32

PM2.5 removal efficiency:                                                       99.90%

Sterilization efficiency:                                                             99.89%

CADR(m3/h) :                                                                            1160

MayAir Commercial Air Purifier D-Breath 5 MayAir 301

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