Ultra Cleanroom Technology — Eye-catching Innovation from MayAir

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Ultra Cleanroom Technology — Eye-catching Innovation from MayAir


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  Founded in Malaysia, MayAir has expanded rapidly as a Chinese brand with a strong focus on ultra-clean-room technology that is attracting global attention.




  The swift growth of the nanochip/microchip and display panel industries has remarkably driven the emergence of China’s ultra-cleanroom technology, which is benefiting from enormous growth. And China began to develop its own nanochips when the escalating U.S.-China trade conflict heated up two years ago. Ultra-cleanroom technology is playing a vital role in the booming nanochip industry, and is becoming renowned on a global scale. Therefore, many manufacturers have begun to enter this business segment, typically the air purification in the ultra-cleanroom segment for the microelectronics industry.

  Established in 2001 as a clean technology specialist, MayAir has a proven track record as a global leader that manufactures, develops, and provides air filtration solutions and equipment in the industrial and commercial as well as the environmental and indoor air quality (IAQ) segments. Core products for the industrial segment include fan filter units (FFUs), air filters, and equipment for applications in the microenvironmental, biosafety, and medical fields, and the commercial segment covers the IAQ, kitchen fume purification, and fresh air purification.


111  MayAir has a total of five production plants in China and Malaysia. In Nanjing, China, the company owns a 40,000-m2 research and development (R&D) and manufacturing center with nearly 100 R&D personnel. The present-focused and future-ready R&D focuses on energy savings, noise reduction, and system integration technologies for FFUs. At the same time, the center also strives for significant advancement in ultra-efficient filtration technology, activated carbon adsorption technology – based on physical/chemical adsorption, catalytic oxidation decomposition technology, ion exchange adsorption technology, microwave removal technology for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), centrifugal oil mist separation technology, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation technology, and many other core technologies.


  MayAir has further demonstrated its commitment to the revolutionizing of air filtration with the setting up of an R&D center staffed by professional engineers. The center is well- equipped with the comprehensive technology and testing equipment such as an FFU comprehensive test bench and an air purifier test chamber. With its in-depth knowledge of clean technology, MayAir has also contributed to the drafting of the technical standard ‘Classification of Air Cleanliness by Particle Concentration’ (Planned No. JH/CIE024-2017) of the Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE). MayAir has a good proven track record in the cleanroom industry. The company began to provide cleanroom equipment to Nanjing Hwuary Liquid Crystal Display Technical in 2002 and to BOE in 2009, making a huge contribution to air purification for clean rooms in the microelectric industry. MayAir has also supplied cleanroom technology for Apple, Huawei, SMIC, Huahong Microelectronics, Intel, etc. In the pharmaceutical field, MayAir’s bluechip clients include Roche, Pfizer, Merck, and Johnson and Johnson.

  At the same time, MayAir also applied ultra-clean technology to commercial, residential, biosafety, medical, and health-related fields. The company’s innovations in the fields of exhaust gas emission treatment and various air purification solutions with better product lifecycle costs have made significant contributions in the related fields.

  In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, MayAir’s products also played an important role in addressing a surge in demand for negative-pressure isolation wards. As compared to the air conditioning and ventilation systems used in ordinary wards, the hospitals built specially to deal with the epidemic met higher requirements in order to protect the medical front-liners and patients. To ensure the air is free of microorganisms before distribution, negative-pressure air conditioning technology is generally used for such wards.



  “MayAir is committed to becoming a global integrated supplier of clean technology and solutions, focusing on R&D innovation as the driving force for development, and on strategic positioning to lead the industry forward. MayAir has established a nationwide sales and service network, and has developed a comprehensive competitive advantage in terms of technology, products, channels, brands, and services”, said Yap Wee Keong, chief executive officer (CEO) of MayAir, during an inter- view with JARN.

  Nano-level technology catalyzes ultra-clean technology. MayAir has grown into a leading brand in China’s air purification industry, and the development of MayAir has attracted the attention of the industry.


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